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10 Ways to Increase Positive Energy with Healing Crystals

  1. Wear Healing Crystal Jewelry: Wearing crystal jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, keeps the energy of the stone close to your aura, enhancing your vibrational frequency.

  2. Place in Your Living Space: Put healing crystals in your living areas, such as your bedroom, office, or living room. The crystals will radiate their energy throughout the space and create a peaceful environment.

  3. Meditation with Crystals: Hold your crystals or place them near you while meditating. This can enhance your meditation, promoting inner peace and openness to positive energy.

  4. Crystal Grids: Arrange multiple crystals in a specific shape or pattern to create a crystal grid. The combined energy of the grid can amplify the energies of individual stones and enhance their healing properties.

  5. Bathe with Crystals: Add safe, water-friendly crystals to your bath. The water can help amplify the crystal's energy, promoting relaxation and positive energy flow.

  6. Place Under Your Pillow: Placing crystals under your pillow can help promote peaceful sleep, positive dreams, and refreshed waking energy.

  7. Healing Crystal Elixirs: Soak crystals in water (ensure they are non-toxic) to create a healing elixir. Always double-check crystal safety before doing this.

  8. Practice Crystal Chakra Healing: Correspond certain healing crystals with your body's chakra points. This can help clear any negative energy and promote the flow of positive energy within your body.

  9. Carry Crystals in Your Pocket: Keeping crystals in your pocket allows their positive energy to be with you throughout the day.

  10. Use in Yoga Practices: Incorporate crystals in your yoga practice, placing them around your yoga mat to create a positive energy field.

It's important to regularly cleanse your crystals to clear away any negative energy absorbed and recharge them. You can do this by bathing them in sunlight or moonlight, burying them in the earth, or using sound energy like singing bowls or bells.

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