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Healing crystal jewelry elevates your vibration and renews your energy, transforming your health and wellbeing.

Jewelry Made for You

Healing Crystals

Healing Powers

Ancient Egyptians mined crystals and used them as jewelry. Healing crystals are sometimes referred to
as semi-precious gemstones. Crystals emit energy like everything else in the universe.  When the energy
emitted from crystals is absorbed it provides healing benefits.  The healing properties help to calm and
assist with resolving issues like anxiety, depression, negativity, and stress.  


Healing crystals also assists with protecting the owner, attracting wealth, good luck, prosperity, and abundance. Check out our jewelry and find something you really like.

You will find that piece of jewelry selected you.  


When you are attracted to a stone, that stone is drawing you to it because it aids in your area of need.

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Do more than express yourself. There is beauty in displaying what you are trying to heal. Anita will work with you to help you find the right crystals for your specific ailments and design them to flatter your body.

Shell Necklace with Wooden Earrings

Our STory

Embodying the Spirit of Jewelry Crafted from the Heart,

My journey into jewelry design took root during my time at a Southern college. There, I became enamored by the earthy beauty and distinguished intricacy of brass and copper designs, crafted lovingly by a local artisan couple. On returning home, I found the customary market insufficient in capturing the unique artistry that had sparked joy in my heart. In many instances, the distinctive styles embraced by women like me get overlooked in mainstream retail.

In the face of this lapse, inspiration stirred me into action – to create my line of jewelry.

In my creations, you would find the inimitable essence of Pan-African women carved into every piece – a perfect blend of natural beauty, soft strength, audacious boldness, timeless elegance, and current trends. Each artisanal piece, extraordinary and unique, is infused with healing crystals, making it not just an accessory, but a wearable sanctuary.

Each healing crystal, carefully selected and handcrafted into our jewelry, bestows upon the wearer a stream of positive, calming energy, assisting them in navigating their life challenges, be it stress, anxiety, depression, or negativity. It brings forth the promise of good luck, abundance, and prosperity.

The heart of our jewelry springs from the essence of Pan-African women, yet it transcends boundaries of race, gender, or age. We are proud to share these creations that are adored and embraced by people of diverse backgrounds.

DISCLAIMER: We believe in the complementary power of crystals in aligning energies and promoting well-being. However, crystals are not intended to substitute medical treatments. For medical advice, we urge you to consult a licensed healthcare specialist.

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